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The Technical University of Darmstadt announces the 2021 edition of INSPIRED, the International Project Week for Interdisciplinary Research-Oriented Digital Learning.

From 22nd January, maintenance will be carried out in different infrastructures that will affect the services used for teaching.

Game Jam Barcelona @ UPC is an event where programmers, designers, artists and musics of all around the world unite to create a videogame in 48 hours (29th-31st January). Experience is not required to participate!

Call to participate in the SALSA’M programme, the UPC international student reception program. Do you want to participate?

Beihang University, on behalf of the China Scholarship Council, offers three scholarships to study a Master's or Doctorate at this University for the 2021-2022 academic year.

How do you plan to spend your summer? How does getting involved in some of the world’s biggest experiments sound? This is more than summer work.

The founders of DEXMA are Joan Pinyol and Guillem Corominas, graduates in Informatics Engineering from the FIB.

The CBA research group has recently started a specific division in the area of AI applied to Computer Networks.

acte academic 2020

On 11 December, the FIB Academic Act has been held online on YouTube, and accreditations have been delivered to the graduates of the 2019/2020 academic year.

Closing of computer labs A5, B5 and C6 during Christmas.

DEDS is a doctorate that works with the Department of Service and Information System Engineering (ESSI) and the Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB).

IOAI is the first Olympiad in Russia for schoolchildren and college students (first-year and second-year) in the AI CUP format.

Are you a FIB student and you want to go in exchange with the UNITECH program?

logo FIBVisiona

FIB Visiona’s job fair will be held from 9th to 11th December. This edition has been adapted to be 100% online. 

acte academic 2020

This year, the FIB Graduation Ceremony is held online for the first time. The event is aimed to recognise and celebrate with the people who have graduated from the FIB throughout the academic year 2019-2020.

logo bitsxlamarato

After last year's experience, we decided to repeat! We want a Hackathon full of solidarity, creativity, technology and health.

imatge de la presentació grau intel·ligència artificial

The new degree is promoted by the UPC with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya and within the framework of the Catalonia.AI strategy.


Do you still think about whether to study at Masaryk or not? Of course, it is a big decision, but do not worry – we are here to make it easier.

Didn’t you attend the California-Catalonia-Balsells Program presentation October? 

Europe-Colorado Program offers unique pportunities for European engineering and computer science students.

As decided at the 2020 General Assembly (virtual GA - 8th and 28th October 2020, UPCatalunya), a further T.I.M.E. Call for Projects is being made in 2020-21.

Are you interested in going to the United States (USA) to study a Master, a PhD or do research for your thesis?

Are you interested to learn more about how to join a dynamic and diverse network of professional and developmental opportunities? 

On Thrusday 12th November an information session on mobility programs will be held, at 12:10h via meet. For academic stays during the academic year 2021-2022.

Oliva had been the Philadelphia 76ers' vice president of strategy until now.

ITMO is offering its best short-term programmes in the online format to provide students with the best opportunity to upgrade their skills and knowledge from any convenient location.

The Centre d'Études Spatiales de la Biosphère (CESBIO),  a research laboratory that belongs to the French Spacial Agency is offering an internship.

From Atos we want you to participate like all years in our IT CHALLENGE 2020, our international student contest dedicated to tecnhology innovation.

Are you interested to learn more about how to join a dynamic and diverse network of professional and developmental opportunities? 

comunicat 27 novembre

Statement regarding the adjustments of the academic activity at the FIB during the autumn semester.

California - Catalonia - Balsells Program Presentation, 15th October

Beijing Institute of Technology plans to launch a two weeks online ‘Cloud lessons’ winter program.

Vuelve el Spaceapps Challenge a Madrid esta vez online, del 2 al 4 de octubre, para resolver los retos que este año proponen los científicos y los ingenieros de la NASA.

New online interseasonal course “Artificial Intelligence for all” taking place this November 2020. Check it out!


There has been an announcement in the CESAER net (call for abstracts) for the Best Idea 2021 Competition, giving degree and master students a chance to design and show their ideas about science and technology for sostenibility.


eTandem Global is a virtual language exchange project managed by the University of Edinburgh where you can improve your English language skills while sharing your own culture and language.


If you are looking for a summer full of knowledge and fun, Antwerp Summer University introduces their first series of programmes for the 12th edition. 

On Thursday, 10th September at 10 a.m. , the welcoming ceremony for all newly admitted master students of the FIB will be held online.

Did you know that everis offers help to study a master's degree in the FIB? It's an incredible opportunity and you're still in time to apply!

The government supports the new agreement for the financing of BSC-CNS together with the UPC, in which the future of the center and the supercomputer MareNostrum 5 is guaranteed, financed by the European commission and called to be one of the most powerful in the world.

comunicat FIB

Statements regarding the planning and organization of the autumn semester of the 2020-2021 academic year.

logo eduroam

From Saturday 11th of July at 8 pm, the certificate that is used to authenticate the mesh WiFi Eduroam will stop being valid.

FIB enrolment from 13th of July. Enrolment for new students will be made online on September.


The Fundación CYD highlights the UPC for studying engineering in Spain in its ranking that compares the quality of Spanish universities.

As of 14th July, user accounts will be disuser.

Yes, FIB has new rotulation. Now you will know where B6 is! :)

imatge de mailbox

During this month the mail service of the of Google Suite will be activated. 

From 6th of July a maintenance of the "aula virtual" and virtech services will be made.


The World Data Viz Challenge 2020 Barcelona-Kobe is a contest that has as a principal aim the challenges of the intelligent cities, inviting all citizens to treat their distinct realities and casuistries.

FIB en situación de covid-29

From Monday 22nd, FIB will make face-to-face assistance of the academic field (degrees and masters), agreements of educational cooperation and direction support.