FIB Visiona's online job fair 2020

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FIB Visiona’s job fair will be held from 9th to 11th December. This edition has been adapted to be 100% online. 

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Lectures and activities have been organized, and talking directly to the businesses’ recruiters will be an option. We will also provide you with the opportunity of having individualized interviews with those businesses that might be of your interest.

Daily raffles during the fair and the week leading up to it are also scheduled. Follow @fibvisiona on Instagram and @FibVisiona on Twitter in order to participate.

The very first 70 participants to log in the platform with a complete description (profile picture, bio...) will receive a T-shirt from FIB.

Code: fibvisionaonline2020

Finally, you can also send us your CV through the form and we will notify you in case a business accedes to have a meeting with you.


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