Graduation Ceremony

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Master Graduation Ceremony

The Faculty annually organizes graduation ceremonies for students who complete their bachelor's or master's degrees each academic year.

The ceremony consists of a solemn event, presided over by the dean of the FIB, in which a speaker participates, and some students are asked to participate as representatives of the graduating class. The attending students receive, as a memento, a symbolic diploma issued by the Faculty, commemorating the completion of their studies.

If you're interested in attending, please refer to the following sections.

Upcoming events 

What you need to know


Before the event

Who can participate

  • All those who meet the requirements to participate in the event will be informed in advance. Communication will be sent via email to the UPC student email address.
  • If you don't receive the message but believe you meet the requirements to participate, please contact

How to register

  • Registration must be done through the application Apunta't. Students will need to fill in their own details as well as those of their guests..
  • The application will only display the event to students who meet the requirements, and therefore, they will be able to register.
  • In case of persons with disabilities or person with reduced mobility, or special needs, please indicate it within the registration.


  • The attendance of guests will depend on the capacity, and this information will be provided during the registration process.
  • During the registration period for the event, changes to the names of guests can be made within the same application. Apunta't.



  • The price of the ticket will be indicated in the event information.
  • At the time of registering the guests, payment will be made through the application. Apunta't, Payment by credit or debit card..
  • Children under the age of 3 who do not occupy a seat during the Graduation Ceremony do not need to purchase a ticket.

Refund Policy

In case of ticket cancellation, to request a refund, it will be done through the same application. Apunta't while the registration period is still open. The refund will be processed back to the same credit or debit card used for the purchase.

Refund requests made outside of the registration period will not be processed.

Dress code

  • No specific attire is required, but as a general rule, attendees dress elegantly and neatly. 


During the event

The event has an approximate duration of two hours, which may vary depending on the number of attendees.


  • The students who have confirmed their attendance will receive an email notification at most one day before the event. 
  • To speed up the registration process, it is recommended to have the ticket ready (printed on paper or downloaded on your mobile device).
  • Once the registration period is closed, a seat will be assigned to each graduating student. You will be able to check your assigned seat 24 hours before the event in the same application. Apunta't and at the time of registration on the day of the event.


Where the guests will be seated

  • The accompanying persons will sit in specially designated areas. They will not have an assigned seat.

Development of the event

  • Upon entering the venue, you will find the FIB sash (stole) on your seat, which you must wear before sitting down. 
  • The event begins with speeches from important personalities.
  • Next, the distinctions for the best records and other accreditations are presented.
  • Afterwards, you will be called up alphabetically. When your name is called, you will go up to the stage from the right side, facing the stage. You will receive your diploma* from the designated dignitary. You will then turn towards the audience and wait for the photographer to take the group photo. After that, you will return to your seats by descending from the stage on the opposite side from where you ascended. 
  • The event concludes with closing remarks from the rector or the person delegated by them.

* The diploma awarded does not have any legal validity and in no way substitutes the official degree. The official recognition conferred by the University must be requested through. e-secretaria.


Image Rights

  • The Barcelona School of Informatics may use the image of all attendees at the event. Attendance implies acceptance of the use of the image.

After the event

Event Photos

  • A few days after the event, the student will receive an email with instructions on how to view and download the official photos taken during the event.


  • A photocall area will be set up so you can take photos with colleagues at the faculty.
    If you publish your photos on Instagram, please tag us (@fib.upc) and we will share them on the FIB instagram profile.

Contact with amb to any query you may have.