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The UNITECH mobility programme is designed for high-achieving engineering students who also have the ability to lead, be proactive, communicate effectively, work in a team and other cross-disciplinary competencies. The programme is carried out within the framework of the UNITECH network.

The programme consists of:

  1. An exchange with one of the universities in the UNITECH network. During the exchange, participants must combine technical courses with economics and business courses.
  2. An internship at one of the UNITECH businesses.
  3. Three compulsory sessions of activities and workshops in which personal skills, group work abilities and other competencies are developed.

The UNITECH programme requires an academic exchange and an internship. Its average, and desired, duration is one year.

To complete the UNITECH programme:

  • Students must pass a minimum of 20 ECTS credits in the academic exchange.
  • The internship must be equivalent to a minimum of 30 ECTS credits. (2.5 credits=1 week of internship; therefore, a minimum of 12 weeks of internship.)
  • A further 30 ECTS credits must be passed by taking more credits at the host university or making the internship longer.
  • The programme also requires students to have passed, whether at the home institution or during the exchange, a total of 10 ECTS credits in the field of management (economics, marketing, business, etc.).

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Outline of the programme

Has scolarship: 
Description economic aid: 

The programme grants €1000  to all the participating students, once the programme has started. The aid is processed directly from the UNITECH programme coordination in Zurich.

For the stay at the destination university of UNITECH: the student can apply according to calls,  to the Erasmus+ KA103_studies scholarship and to the MOBINT aid of AGAUR.

For the internship in a UNITECH company: the student can apply according to calls, to the Erasmus+ KA103_internship scholarship.

Opened in the following degrees: 
Master in Artificial Intelligence
Master in Data Science
Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics