IT Guide for new students

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Are you new at the FIB?

Let us explain you about those IT services that are important to know at the beginning of your studies

Follow-up the studies

Students email

Computer Labs

Where are the computer labs, what can you find there, check their schedules and how they work.

IT Systems

How to connect to IT resources

What are the credentials to connect, how do I connect from home...

Follow-up the studies


El Racó is the FIB Intranet where you can find all the information regarding your studies. You can find a link in the header of the FIB website or directly at

Check out all Raco options!

More information at: el Racó service


The Atenea is the UPC's web-based teaching environment. Some FIB subjects use this environment as a complement to the Racó.
The URL to access is Username and password are the same ones you use to access the Racó.

More information at: Atenea service

Students email

All students enrolled in the FIB have an institutional email address with format: where name.surname is the user assigned to access the resources of the Faculty. The FIB and the UPC will only use your institutional address to communicate with you. Check periodically for new messages.

More information at: Students email service

GSuite for Education

UPC has the GSuite for Education, which let you use Google applications such as Gmail, Drive, Meet, Calendar .... These tools help you to manage your mail, documents, calendar... and share and store them. It also enables communication with teachers.

More information at: GSuite service

App UPC Estudiants

App UPC Estudiants give you useful information to follow up your studies.

Download UPC Estudiants App at Google Play or Apple Store

Computer Labs

You will find computer labs in the basements of the A5, B5 and C6 Campus Nord buildings.

Classroom building A5, basement level 1

Labs with PCs: A5S102, A5S104, A5S105, A5S108, A5S109, A5S111 and A5S113
Computer labs with a specific environment for subjects that focus on operating systems: A5S103
Work group room: A5S101

Classroom building C6, basement level 3

Labs with PCs: C6S301, C6S302, C6S303, C6S306, C6S308 and C6S309
Work group room: C6S307

Classroom building B5, basement level 1 and 2

Labs with PCs: B5S101, B5S201 and B5S202

  • PCs allow users to connect to the Net and to FIB computers. These PCs run Windows and Linux.

  • Computers in operating system labs have limited access to the outside world. Access to these computers is restricted to students taking specific subjects that require their use.

More information at: 

  • At Computer Labs you will find the schedules and a description and distribution of the equipment of each laboratory and its availability.
  • You can check the occupation of laboratories to see which pc are free and book them.

How to connect to IT resources

Before enrolling, you were sent a message with instructions on how to access the e-Secretaria and UPC intranets. You can use the same username and password to access the Racó and all others systems

  You’ll have access to the Racó and to your FIB email approximately 48 hours after enrolling. Server accounts, rooms, etc. will be available from the first day of class.

The way to connect depends on the computer or system you want to connect to:

  • PC: When you turn on a PC, you will be asked what system you want to work with: Windows or Linux. Select the desired option. After a moment, the selected system will appear on the screen and you will be asked to enter your username and password to connect.
  • Database servers: There are several database servers: MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, NoSQL and Hadoop. The servers you have access to will depend on the subjects you are enrolled in.
  • Special operating system environment: The specific way this environment works will be determined based on the design of practicals.

More information at: Accounts on the PCs and servers

If you forget your password, you can change it at

Storage space

There is a common space for storing files for Windows and Linux systems. The space allocated to each student is around 3 GB, and it can also be accessed via the Web or from the Racó

more information at: Remote Access to the File Repository

How do I connect remotely

We have summarized all the information that may be useful for you to study from home. We explain how you can work as if you were in FIB Computer labs.

Accessing the Eduroam network

All students have access to the Eduroam network, which allows free access to the internet inside the campus grounds, using the same username and password as the rest of services offered by FIB. The Eduroam network can be accessed using the same credentials from any other university or library in the world that is also part of the Eduroam program. You can find more info on how to connect to Eduroam in this guide


Some services, such as Aula Virtual, require the use of a VPN in order to be accessed from your own home computer, laptop or smartphone. You can find a guide to connect to the UPCLink VPN at

IT Support

Let us know incidences, doubts, recommendations or topics you think you hace a lack of information or more IT resources that could be made to facilitate to follow teaching at FIB.

IT FIB support