Registration procedure

Prepare your registration following these steps to formalize it.

Before the enrolment

  1. Register before enrolling. If you don't register you won't be able to enrol, so this point is important!
  2. Access the e-Secretariat to validate and complete your data
    • validate and/or modify your personal data
    • validate and/or modify RGPD authorizations.
  3. Before enrolling
  4. How much it cost and how to pay
  5. When and where to enrol

Enrolment day

Connect to e-Secretaria (user/password). And follow the instructions.

When you finish the enrolment you will receive a mail indicating that the process has been succesfully done, with instructions for the payment and with link for e-Secretaria.

You can download the enrolment through e-Secretaria.

After the enrolment

IMPORTANT: If you do not enrol in the corresponding dates, you will lose the place. For queries about assignments https://accesuniversitat.gencat.cat/accesuniversitat/login


  • Students 1st assignment: 7th, 8th and 9th September 2020.
    There will be 2 shifts, at 10 am and at 12 pm (shifts and day, are assigned in order of note).
    Important! You can check the specific registration day and time by placing your ID here. This information will be available from the 1st of September.

Remember! The enrolment will be online, and from 1st of Septmeber you will know day and hour to enrol by entering your DNI:

Access path

  • Students claim 1st assignment: 10th September 2020 at 10:00 am.
  • Students 2nd assignment: 21st September 2020 at 10:00 am.
  • Students claims 2nd assignment: 30th September 2020 at 9:00 am.


The students enrolment is held via e-Secretaria.

We recomend you take a look to the payment modalities and prices information before doing your enrolment.


Required documents

Check the documentation that you must bring according to the access road to the university.


Schedules and groups

To enrol, please select between:

  • Morning group (M)
  • Afternoon group (T)
  • Morning group with the subject PRO1 in English (MANG). Then, the English level B.2.1 certification or equivalent is required. This document will be delivered on the registration day.

Free optional intensive refresher course on Mathematics and Physics

The Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona runs a free intensive refresher course on Mathematics and Physics at the end of July, for which there is a limited number of places.

You can check all enrolment information at Bachelor's Degree Enrolment administrative procedure.

When to enrol

20th September 2020

Required documents

  • For Spanish nationals, the original DNI is required.
  • For foreign nationals, the original and photocopy of the ID from your country are required. Alternatively, passport and NIE, if possible, are accepted.
  • All these documents must be valid at the enrolment date.
  • If the enrolment payment is to be made by debit from a bank account, the document "direct debit order" is required (the document SEPA to be filled can be downloaded from the e-Secretaria). It must be signed by the account holder and by the student, and send to SGA-UPC by demanaSGA .

Useful information you can find on the website of the UPC

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