Students of Master in Informatics Engineering (MEI) of this modality will achieve their studies in 2 years with the following dedication:

  • a maximum of 4-5 hours/day dedicated to their studies at FIB,
  • around 5 hours/day dedicated to their formation and work at the company. 

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Master's Thesis


Semester 1 

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4 

Elective External Formation or Experience

This block of credits (up to 12 ECTS) can be obtained based on curricular external practices, seminars (conferences, summer schools, hackathon, etc.), and recognition of industrial experience. In the case of curricular external practices (FIB specific academic regulations) or seminars: 1 ECTS is equivalent to around 25 hours of student’s work. In the case of recognition of industrial experiences, it is required a minimum of 1600 hours for 6 ECTS (UPC academic regulations, section 4.1.4), and then proportional. However, this block can also be fully or partially achieved by enrolling master MEI elective subjects or other UPC master subjects.

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