Double degrees

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A double degree allows you to obtain two university degrees: one at FIB and one at the university which whom we have a dual degree agreement. Most dual degree agreements involve at least one year of study abroad.

Each double degree agreement sets the requirements you must meet to qualify for one of these places.

What benefits receive the students who achieve a double degree?

  • The formation they receive allows them to either reach a new specilization or further the one they already have.
  • They significantly increase the knowledge of the other country: language, culture, etc. since the mobility is longer (at least one year).
  • From a working standpoint, they are professionally accredited in two different countries which expands their possibilities of employment contracts.
  • There is an important personal growth: increasing adaptability, more open mind, etc.

Master in Informatics Engineering

Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics

Master in Artificial Intelligence

Master in Data Science