Academic Regulations

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FIB specific academic regulations


Enrolment Order

The enrolment order will only be calculated for students who have been enrolled in the previous quarter; the rest of them will have to enrol when all the students with enrolment order have done it, the last day. For any exception, you must talk to the Vice-dean of Postgraduate Studies.

Calculation of the enrolment order

CM: Credits for enrolled subjects in the last two semesters.
CA: Credits for subjects approved in the last two semesters. Only credits of subjects with a grade greater than or equal to 5.0 are counted as approved. 
NM: Average grade of the subjects taken in the last two semesters, weighted by credits.
In the case of students who have only completed the last of the last two semesters in the Faculty, the number of credits approved and enrolled in their only semester is multiplied by 2 for the purposes of calculating CM, CA and NM. 

Criteria for calculating the enrolment order 

The criteria for establishing the enrolment order are:
  1. Annual performance parameter (CA / CM) with two decimals. 
  2. In the case of tie according to the criterion (a), students with the highest CA value enrol first. 
  3. In case of tie according to the criteria (a) and (b), students with the highest value of NM enrol first. 

Bonuses for students who are member of School committees 

If you are a member of a commission, consult the associated regulations where you specify which commissions enjoy the bonus