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Finding and applying

The research is aimed at the application of scientific and technological discoveries and advances to meet the world challenges. 

The FIB is an active member of Informatics Europe, which represents the academic and research community in Computer Science and Information Systems in Europe.

The research activity, both basic and applied, which takes place in the centers and laboratories of the UPC, place us at the top of innovation, research and technological development. The projects that are developed make the FIB and the linked Departments a worldwide reference in the fields of Information and Communication Technologies. Several research groups linked to our departments promote and carry out research projects, often in collaboration with national and international organizations and companies.


Different research entities offer scholarships to students of the different Masters at FIB

Research scholarships


The Big Data Talent Awards have the objective to recognize the doctoral theses and master or postgraduate final projects related to Big Data and Data Analytics with more socioeconomic impact and with the biggest technological innovation.

The UPC will invest, on October 18th, doctor 'honoris causa' to the American math Margaret Hamilton, a pioneer in the use of the term 'software engineering', 50 years ago, during the first Apollo missions of NASA.

University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS) is offering a one-year research scholarship "The Warehouse as a Digital Ecosystem"


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Estudi bibliomètric elaborat per la Biblioteca Gabriel Ferraté
Estudi comparatiu de la publicació científica en l’àmbit de la informàtica a la UPC vs. altres universitats d’àmbit nacional i internacional