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Working environment and teaching support
Audiovisual services

Classrooms equipped as hybrid classrooms

  • All the amphitheaters in the A1-A6 classrooms have been equipped with a Minrray camera system and room microphone.
    FIB: A5001, A5002, A6001, A6002.
    Other centres:  A1-001, A1-002, A2-001, A2-002, A3001, A3002, A4001, A4002, C4002, D5010
  • In addition, Polycom Studio cameras with built-in microphone and built-in speakers have been installed.
    A5E01, A5E02, A5102, A5104, A5202, A5204, A6E01, A6E02, A6101, A6102, A6105, A6103, A6104, A6202, A6203, A6204.

    Other centres:
    A1-104, A1-105, A1-202, A2-104, A2-105, A2-205, A3102, A3105, A3106, A3202, A3203, A3205, A4102, A4104, A4105, A4202, A4205, A4206 
  • For conducting hybrid classes in computer labs, Polycom Studio cameras have been installed in the computer classrooms: A5S102, B5S201, B5S202, C6S302 and C6S308.
  • For the rest of the computer rooms we have equipped the teacher's computers with a webcam. We also have available in A5 and C6 operation of the computer classrooms, webcams on loan to make a hybrid class in a classroom that does not have streaming equipment or webcam.

How to use

Guia per la utilització de les classes híbrides (catalan document)
       Manual with instructions you will find in the classrooms (catalan document)


Support for the use cameras and hybrid classrooms

To contact the support fellows, you can contact the A5 16043 telephone number or directly the 45772 mobile number.

Incidents detected


In amphitheaters the connection to the cameras from the PCs often fails when the computer is started. Work is underway to fix it. At the moment it works following this order:

  1. Initial state, PC off and table differential down.
  2. Turn on the PC
  3. Choose Ubuntu / Windows operating system
  4. After choosing the operating system, when it starts loading the OS, and while it is loading the OS, go up table differential.

If you notice any additional issues please notify at


IT Support

Let us know incidences, doubts, recommendations or topics you think you hace a lack of information or more IT resources that could be made to facilitate to follow teaching at FIB.

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