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Working environment and teaching support

Git is an application that provides a version control system, similar to subversion. This service is located server and git clients are available in all PC at the Labs.

How to use

Every student has a space to create projects that can incorporate to their practices and be managed under the Git system revisions.
To access GitLab, you must connect the GitLab page and use the Racó username and password.

Accessible from UPC network computers or via UPClink.


GitLab Quick guide

When you access the version control server GitLab FIB,  an account will be created, Then you can configure your profile (there are parts that are fixed and some come from your UPC identity). Associated with this account you will have a repository where you can create the projects you want to work with.

From the git client, you can access the project in two ways:

When you're in:
In the "Activity" will see a log of the activity that has been done by your user.
To create a new project you must go to the icon with a cross

The visibility of the project is private by default, but can be configured, if you change it to public,  everyone can access to your project.

After creating the project itself,  GitLab tells you how to access via ssh or https.

Every PC on the labs have a git client to work with.

For more information For more information on the use of GitLab FIB you can consult the GitLab User Manual (CAT) or consult the Manual of GitLab (CAT)

Latest information about git can be found on the website of the software:


How to access to

 Ssh access: Only allowed within the UPC network or outside the UPC VPN enabled. Note that you need to have keys created to use:

 Access https: Open from anywhere

May I set it to not ask me username and password in the command line https?

Yes, If the section of git credentials of the official documents you can find how.

Is GitLab accessible from a secure environment (exams)?

No, will not be accessible from a secure environment.

Is there a limit of disk space?

Yes, as is a shared resource, we have a maximum disk quota for each student.

How can I free up some space in a project that I've spent all?

You can delete projects that no longer interest you / use. You first make a download of the project, from you can download it as a zip.
To remove it go to GitLab, Projects -> settings -> Dangerous settings and check "Remove Project".
Recreate the project that gave you problems quota.
Note: Doing this will lose commits / issues / etc. associated with the project.
Delete the local copy that has been error files that happen to share.
Let Clone Project LOCAL remote (so it will not exceed the files).

>git clone
>cd NOM
Once we have the cloned the project in LOCAL,  delete the REMOTE project
Go to GitLab, Projects --> settings --> Dangerous settings and you can do "Remove Project"
Rebuild the project with the same name
We push from the local copy:
>git add .
>git commit -m "tot"
>git push -u origin master

Can we create groups?

  •    No, the creation of groups is disabled, but you can create a project and add other users as private developers.

IT Support

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