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What do I have to do when I return?

1. Hand in all the required documentation

To close your mobility, you need to bring all the following documents to the International Relations Area at FIB:

  • Attendance certificate
  • Original transcript of records if you have gotten/received it yourself. If it is not the case, ask your host university to send it by post to the International Relations Area. We will also accept digital transcripts only if we receive it from the host university by email.
  • Learning Agreement signed and stamped by the receiveing university.
  • Learning Agreement changes, if there have been any, signed and stamped by the receiveing university.

You will also have to answer an EU questionnaire online and do the final language knowledge test. Before the end of your stay you will receive an e-mail with the needed links.

Until you hand in the attendance certificate and answer the EU questionnaire, the procedure to do the second payment of the grant (or grants) won't be initiated.

2. Hand in the bachelor's or master's thesis, if proceeds

If you have done your degree's thesis abroad, you will have to upload the report to the Racó.

3. Wait for the credit recognition

The credit recognition will be made effective once you have handed in all the documents previouly mentioned.

Students who do a mobility can recognise until 3 ECTS per semester (6 if the stay is yearly) that correspond to a set of university activity extension credits. The credit assignment will be done according to the academic performance during the mobility and it will be conditioned to the experience contribution of the student at the appropiate regional Facebook group FIB Mobility Experiences. The assigned credits will be able to be recognised through the e-secretaria > procedures > credit recognition, where you will have to select and pay them to incorporate them into your record.


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