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Social Point lab is located in the basement of the A5.

This Lab has been funded thanks to the collaboration of  Social Point , which has allowed to equip the A5s104 Lab with 21 iMacs and acquire mobile phones and tablets for students to develop and test their apps on different physical devices. Specifically, we have acquired: two mobile phones iPhone 5, two iPad mini, and two phones LG Google Nexus 5, which you can borrow.

In the upcoming weeks the rest of the equipment to complete the Lab will be acquired, two iMacs and four adapters that will be available for presentations with Macs.

These iMacs desktops have a triple boot system, which allows students to choose which operating system they want to work with: Linux, Windows or Mac OS.


Social Point company is headquartered in Barcelona, and it was founded by Andrés Bou and Horacio Martos, two FIB graduates students that started creating free online games for Facebook in 2008.

Today it is 3rd largest game developer company on Facebook, with a reach of more than 50 million players worldwide every month.  They create accessible social games for  web and mobile,  connecting people all over the planet and delivering insanely fun and immersive gameplay.

This Lab was inaugurated on 28 October 2014 in the presence Rector of the UPC (Dr. Enric Fosas), the Dean of the Barcelona School of Informatics (Ms. Nuria Castell), the Director the inLab (Josep Casanovas), the Technical director of Social point (Marc Canaleta), the Mobile manager of Social Point (Sergi Velez), who explained what are the stages of a video game creation.



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