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Why study at the FIB?

The Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona (FIB) is one of the top 10 computer science schools in Europe. We have the resources, professors and experience to offer a wide range of courses

The Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona (FIB) is a pioneering school in university-level informatics in Spain and has been spearheading Catalonia’s progress in the field since 1977. Its contribution to society can clearly be seen in the number of top-quality professionals it has produced, who are required by organizations that seek to innovate and make progress.

A World of Opportunities

  • Broaden your knowledge of the latest trends and technologies in informatics.
  • Complete your education with a stay at a foreign university.
  • Carry out your master's thesis or work placement at a company and get paid for it.
  • Study in an international environment.
  • Take a double master's degree with a foreign university.
  • Collaborate with the many research centers and groups linked to the FIB.
  • Participate in sports, cultural, international cooperation and leisure activities organized by student associations.

Highly Skilled Professionals

  • Professionals who are equipped to manage ICT projects, installations and organizations that comply with prevailing regulations and meet quality and environmental criteria.
  • Entrepreneurs and researchers who are able to carry out projects in an international environment.
  • Professionals who have the skills to implement ICTs in all types of companies and organizations.
  • Professionals who can lead R&D departments and projects with a substantial research component.
  • Graduate employment rate of practically 100% and salaries among the highest for university graduates.

The FIB is part of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya • BarcelonaTech, a public institution dedicated to research and higher education in the fields of architecture, science and engineering. It is located on the UPC’s North Campus, which has the greatest concentration of research and innovation in IT in southern Europe and forms part of the Barcelona Knowledge Campus, an international campus of excellence.

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