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What do I have to do before I return?

1. Get the certificate of attendance signed

Your host university has to fill in and sign your certificate of attendance with the real dates of your academic stay. The certificate will not be valid if the signature date is prior to the end date of your stay (which appears in your mobility credential). You will find the document in your e-secretaria>mobility>mobility stay. Once it is signed you will have to upload it to your e-secretaria

The certificate of attendace of your host university WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

This certificate is essential to close you mobility file and to justify the payment of the assigned grant. If you do not hand it in before the deadline, you will have to return the amount paid and/or you will not get any money not yet paid (if there is any).

If you have grants from several institutions you will need to obtain the corresponding template for each of them. The most common situation is that you will need another one for the AGAUR (Mobint grant).

2. Bring in the transcript of records

The host univerity will issue a transcript of records with the grades you will have obtained during your stay abroad. They can give it to you by hand or by ordinary post. The sending address is:

Barcelona School of Informatics - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
International Relations Area
Modulus B6, main floor, Campus Nord
C/Jordi Girona Salgado,1-3
08034 Barcelona - España

Your transcript of records has to contain exactly the subjects included and authorized in the learning agreement.

We will also accept the Transcript in a digital format as long as we receive it at from the host university. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY TRANSCRIPT COMING FROM A STUDENT.


FIB International Relations

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Vice-dean for International Relations

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