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The dean's is the representative and the highest executive authority of the School and executes all the agreements reached by the School's governing bodies

The dean's team

The dean's team at the Barcelona School of Informatics supports the dean, who is the School's highest executive authority.

Members of the dean's team
Position Person E-mail
Dean Núria Castell Ariño
Academic secretary Ramon Nonell Torrent
Vice-dean/head of studies René Alquézar Mancho
Vice-dean/head of studies for the selection stage Gemma Sesé Castel
Vice-dean of Postgraduate Studies Ramon Canal Corretger
Vice-dean for Students María Teresa Abad Soriano
Vice-dean for Promotion and Communications Enric X. Martín Rull
Vice-dean of Quality Roser Rius Carrasco
Vice-dean for Institutional and International Relations    Albert Cabellos Aparicio
Head of Management and Support Services Carme Murillo Barranco
Head of Decisions-Making Support Area José Manuel Diéguez Pérez
Head of Services of l'inLab FIB Rosa María Martín Santiago