Master's Thesis

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The Master's Thesis (TFM) of the Master in Data Science should be taken in the 4th semester. It has 30 ECTS credits and can be done in the Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona, in a company (national or international) or in another university (national or international).

The FIB has a large number of agreements with companies and foreign universities to give students the possibility of completing the Master's Thesis in one of these modalities.

To make your TFM you will find helpful this link 6 steps to make your TFG / TFM a success.

Procedure for Master's Thesis 

1. TFM registration

It is necessary to register your TFM before enrolling. It is possible to do the enrolment when at least 60 ECTS of the courses of the master have been approved. The registration must be made on the Racó, in a new tab that appears to students who meet the conditions to do the job. The inscription must be accepted by the director or tutor.


Registration period

1st semester: Monday 05 September 2022 to Wednesday 01 February 2023 - 23:59

2nd semester: Friday 10 February 2023 to Thursday 13 July 2023 - 23:59


2. TFM enrolment

The TFM can be enrolled when 78 ECTS are approved. This enrolment will have the validity established in the existing academic regulations of the UPC.

Enrolment period

2nd semester (registrations done during the 1st semester of 2022-2023 academic year)): 06 | February | 2023


3. Presentation period

If a student does not defend the TFM in the semester in which they have enrolled it, they may request for an extended enrolment for the following semester or enrol it again later on. In the extended enrolment they are not required to pay again for the credits corresponding to the TFM, but they will be charged with an administrative services fee (academic record processing, learning support and student insurance, if applicable). In ordinary enrolment, however, they must pay the full amount with the corresponding surcharge for taking a subject for the second time.

Ordinary period

TFM enroled in 2022-2: 27 | June | 2022 - 01 | July | 2022


4. Master's Thesis Report

At the end of the TFM, the student must submit the report through the Racó, in the period indicated in the academic calendar, so the committee can have –at least– a week in advance of the date agreed for the defense. The report will be validated by the advisor/tutor on the Racó. Once validated, it will become automatically accessible by the members of the Committee.


5. TFM Defense

The student must defend the thesis in a public session in front of an evaluation committee. The evaluation committee shall be designated at least fifteen days before the date chosen to defend the TFM, and shall be composed of three professors of FIB, who shall act as the president, secretary and vocal. At least one of the members must have a teaching assignment to the master's degree program or have had it in at least one of the two previous academic courses.