Grants and Financial Aid

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There are several ways to finance your studies at the UPC. University and other organizations offer scholarships, grants, mobility grants and loans.

Scholarships and grants for studies at UPC

Complete information on scholarships and grants for undergraduate and master's degree at UPC

Practices and/or collaborations

Learning scholarships at UPC units. (Intranet)

FIB specific scholarships

Specific scholarships on FIB Masters

Students can apply for specific grants. To apply for the scholarship, they must have applied for the corresponding master degree.

FIB specific scholarships

inLab Talent grants

The inLab FIB offers grants within the program inLab talent for FIB undergraduate and Master’s degree. These grants are related to cooperation in R & D and ICT companies. This collaboration requires a commitment of 20 hours per week.

Talent training offers
current offers