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Internships for students become a training activity under the supervision of the Faculty, the goal of which is to apply and complete the academic formation acquired, encouraging the professional skills that prepare for professional activities which facilitate the employment of them.

The framework of these activities is called educational cooperation agreements, regulated by Royal Decree 592/2014 which regulates the external academic practices of college students. 

In accordance with Resolution 870/2020, de 3 de juny de 2020 of the Rector of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya concerning UPC external academic placements, face-to-face training is allowed for both curricular and extracurricular placements of bachelor or master’s degree. As far as possible, academic internships will be carried out through on-line procedures. Only when internships cannot be performed on-line, companies must fill a statement in compliance with health and safety regulations associated with the current situation.

Information for companies

Through educational cooperation agreements, the University gives companies the opportunity to take on students in their final year so that they are able to gain practical professional experience.

More than 300 students of the Barcelona School of Informatics take part in the educational cooperation agreement of the Informatics Engineering degree and different Masters set by the Faculty.

Students who sign an educational cooperation agreement are subject to the following requirements:

Maximum number of hours:

A total of 900 hours of internship can be done by a student in the same academic year.

Educational cooperation agreement establishes the maximum number of internship hours during the academic period will be: 

  • GEI: maximum of 1.800 hours
  • Master of 90 ECTS: maximum of 900 hours
  • Master of 120 ECTS: maximum of 1.200 hours

The academic year for agreements starts on 16th of September until 15th of September the following year.

It is an indispensable condition for the student to have passed at least half of the credits on the course they are studying to participate in an agreement.

The remuneration students received is paid directly by the company.  

The gross amount to be paid may not be below:

9€ per hour for Degree students

10€ per hour for Master students

For students it is income from their work for third parties and is therefore subject to personal income tax.

The income tax that company must withhold is at least a 2%, because an educational cooperation agreement is considered to be equivalent to an employment relationship lasting under a year.  The company must provide the student with a tax certificate to this effect.

Agreements signed as of 2012/2013 year will have an invoice of 15.7% for administrative services, furthermore VAT will be 21%.


Companies must include, from the date of 1th of July 2013, students who sign an agreement in the Social Security system obligatorilyMore information.

Documentation required to enter into an agreement is:

The gross amount to be paid may not be below:

9€ per hour for Degree students

10€ per hour for Master students

Faculty won’t establish agreements with companies whose invoices are not paid. 

It is compulsory to carry out the agreement to the Faculty before the date of the internship. 

  1. Fill in, print and sign the agreement, 3 first pages (all fields are compulsory). Company and student must be sign three copies.
  2. Fill, print and sign by the tutor the training plan (students of degree) or the work plan (students of Master).
  3. Take to the agreements office the copies of the agreement plus the training plan, so that it can be registered.

Agreements without a work plan will not be accepted.
Companies should take into account the students of the Informatics Engineering degree and MAI, MEI and MIRI can choose between a curricular internship (implies a Final Project Degree or a Final Master Thesis, and a recognition of credits) or extracurricular.

In case as an agreement is cancelled, it will only be required to receive a low diligence by email to: .

Diligència de baixa


Information for students

Agreements can be done in collaborative entities, such as companies, national and international public and private institutions, as well as in the Faculty.
Considering the academic internship formation, they will not be subject to contractual employment obligations, or its content cannot be a substitution of a job benefit.

  • Extracurricular internship (Degree and Masters)
They are not involved either the study plan or academic record. However, they will incorporate to European Supplement to the university degree of the student.
  • Curricular Internship (Degree)

They are included in the curriculum of Informatics Engineering Degree as an optative area and became part of academic activities that involve:

  • A Degree Final Project development modality B with an Educational Cooperation Agreement
  • The recognition of 12 optative credits

The minimum loan of the internship subject and the Degree Final Project is 735 hours.

How it works

  • When an agreement starts, the Degree Final Project modality B needs to be registered (The Degree Final Project will be registered if the student has passed all compulsory subjects and a minimum of three compulsory subjects of the specialisation).
  • The center will do a pre-register (12 optative ECTS). The official registration of the subject is made simultaneously with the Degree Final Project registration.

The Faculty of Informatics reserves the right to participate in an agreement, as well as an existing agreement renewals, when the academic performance of the student is not adjusted to the minimum established: an academic parameter (it is known as the quoficient between credits students has passed and credits students has registered) superior to 0,50.

Curricular Internship (Masters)

  • A Final Thesis Project development modality B with an Educational Cooperation Agreement
  • The recognition of optative credits

The student, who wants to participate in an internship, has to accomplish:

Students of degree

  • In the first date of the agreement, student must have passed 50% of credits on the course they are studying.
  • Students must have subjects registered or either the Final Project.

Students of Master

  • In the first date of the agreement, student must have passed 15 credits on the master.
  • Students must have subjects registered or either the Final Tesis.

 To do an internship:
The student who wants to do an internship (curricular or extracurricular) has to deliver to the agreement office (B6, 1st floor), a week before the internship starts, the documents fulfilled and signed for the business company and the student:

The gross amount to be paid may not be below:

9€ per hour for Degree students

10€ per hour for Master students

The Faculty does not accept internships when the tasks involved are different from the functions of an Informatics Engineer.

At the end of the internship:
When the internship is finished, the student has to deliver the documents below fulfilled and signed for business company or institution and for the student to the agreement office (B6 building, 1st floor):

  • The tutor’s report of the Business Company or Institution.
  • Students report.

In case of doing a curricular internship the student has to deliver the reports before the Final Project lecture.

These documents are essential for the evaluation of the internship.

From the Formative plan proposed initially, the tutor’s report of the Business Company or Institution and the student report will evaluate the internship as favourable or unfavourable.

Curricular Internship:

The Final Project registration must be done in the previous quarter to the Final Project inscription.
The final result from an internship with a favourable evaluation, will be the obtained in the Final Project. In the case of an unfavourable obtained result or not to have the Final Project registered in the subsequent quarter of the initial internship, the result will be a failure.

Remind you the Final Project in B modality is defended in the first tribunal meeting after the finalization of agreement in the business company which has done.



National level

Royal decree 592/2014 of 11th July, which regulates the internship of university students.

UPC level

Governing board agreement 2020/05/54, which approves the internship regulation of UPC. Document approved in 2nd July 2020.

FIB level

 Regulations for external academic placements and Final Project Regulation (GEI, MAI, MEI, MIRI). 


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