Research Visit

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For students seeking to arrange a research visit at a UPC department, laboratory, institute or research group. 

The visit is not compatible with an academic visit for which the student is enrolled in courses at the UPC. 

The period of the visit must not include the month of August, when the UPC is closed.

A bilateral agreement between the FIB and the home university of the student applying for the research visit is not required.

These visits are not remunerated.

Students cannot start the visit until the unit at the host university has all the documents it requires.


To apply for a research visit, the student must complete the following steps:

1. Obtaining a letter of invitation

Contact a professor in a FIB department, laboratory or research group to ask for a letter of invitation.

2. Traineeship agreement

Fill in a traineeship agreement (Erasmus+ or other), which must be negotiated with the professor at the host university. The agreement must be signed by the student and the home university (3 original copies).

3. Mandatory insurance

Provide an insurance policy covering accidents, repatriation and civil liability. The UPC has an agreement with On Campus, so that students who come to do a research stay, if they do not have any insurance, could hire this.

4. Being enrolled in your home university

Provide your enrolment form from your home university that proves that you are a student during the period of the visit at the UPC.