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Knowing a new university, discovering a new country or improving your language skills are some of the advantages of the mobility programs offered by FIB.

Personal experiences that will allow you to stay in foreign universities and intern at businesses worldwide.



BIT will offer this summer two online programs, Data Science and Big Data Technology and Chinese Language and Culture.

IPSA and EPITA have jointly organised an International Summer School that can be followed online or onsite.

ITMO is offering its best short-term programmes in the online and offline format to provide students with the best opportunity to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

The EPF Ecole d'Ingénieurs offers an online summer school from 5th to 17th July 2021.

Keep up with the news of mobility

If you are interested in taking a student exchange programme for a semester or the whole academic year, in doing your Bachelor or Master Thesis in a foreign company, or in receiving the scholarship call for studying in China, Japan, the USA, etc… you can subscribe de mobility news channel of FIB.

Mobility news channel


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