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Knowing a new university, discovering a new country or improving your language skills are some of the advantages of the mobility programs offered by FIB.

Personal experiences that will allow you to stay in foreign universities and intern at businesses worldwide.



The Erasmus+ National Office Morocco organizes the first edition of Erasmus Scientific Days, dedicated to high-level scientific exchange.

BIT plans to launch a two weeks online ‘Cloud lessons’ summer program.

Are you interested in doing an internship at DTT (Amsterdam), a development company creating app, web and game solutions?

Looking for an unforgettable summer full of knowledge and fun? Focus on new knowledge, ideas and experiences at UT International Summer University courses.

Nethermind is offering an internship program towards Computer Science and Mathematics students opened all year around.

From 22 August to 9 December 2022, students get the chance to participate in the online German Language Courses - STEM programme.

The uArch is designed to introduce undergraduate and early Master's students to research and career opportunities in the field of computer architecture.

Didn’t you attend the California-Catalonia-Balsells Program presentation on 28 October?

Keep up with the news of mobility

If you are interested in taking a student exchange programme for a semester or the whole academic year, in doing your Bachelor or Master Thesis in a foreign company, or in receiving the scholarship call for studying in China, Japan, the USA, etc… you can subscribe de mobility news channel of FIB.

Mobility news channel


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