Master in Data Science

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The pre-enrolment deadline to apply for this master programmes is from 26 February to 26 May 2024.

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Note: This is a new master that replaces the Data Science specialitzation

The master degree's in Data Science equips graduates with solid foundations and hands-on experience in fundamental aspects of data management and analysis to extract hidden knowledge from structured and unstructured big data and in building adaptive analytical systems that are able to exploit that knowledge in modern organizations. In particular, graduate students will be prepared to address the new challenges of the so-called data-driven society and develop systems based on data to tackle relevant topics such as fraud detection, bioinformatics and e-health, information extraction from highly unstructured data, real time analysis of sensor data and social networks, customer relationship management, etc. The master's degree in Data Science has been designed with the objective of training highly qualified professionals who will be provided with fundamental understanding and the required competences (that is, the combination of knowledge and skills) to apply their learning in the demanding field of Data Science. Therefore, this program will generate highly innovative, interdisciplinary professionals with a strong research-oriented perspective, specially prepared to face the challenges identified by industry.

Coordinator: Anna Queralt Calafat -




Four semesters. 2 academic years (120 ECTS). Face-to-face


Full-time: 20h lectures, 20h personal work per week
Part-time: half full-time workload



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The master’s degree in Data Science is an interdisciplinary programme that bridges Computer Science and Mathematics. The recommended entry profiles are the following:

  • Computer Science and equivalent degrees.
  • Mathematics and equivalent degrees.
  • Classic Engineering degrees or equivalent degrees with a strong mathematical background covering in depth algebra, calculus, statistics and with at least a minor in Computer Science.

 Other profiles might be considered provided they guarantee solid foundations in Mathematics and Computer Science as to enable the candidate to follow the programme. 
The master's degree in Data Science is offered to students from all over the world. Candidates must have a good comprehension, oral and written expression in English. Candidates must also be motivated to discover knowledge from data in the fascinating world of sciences and technologies. 


Double degrees

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