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Reservation of a Room

You can reserve a room for special events (conferences, teaching staff meetings, thesis defences, project revisions, etc.) but not for events that are held on a weekly or monthly basis.

You can make a reservation by phone or by sending an email to the Resources and Services Area.

If you are making a reservation, please remember to specify:

  • Topic reason for booking.
  • Name, email and department of the applicant.
  • Date and time.
  • Technical requirements:
    •  PC or laptop. In the case of laptop, if you need to book a laptop or you will bring your own one
    •  Videoconferencing Service.
      •  Number of remote connections and number of attendees.
      •  Details of who has established video conferencing (email, IP, ...)
    •   Webconferencing service. What platform wil be used.
    •   Mediafib service. If you need recording or a live broadcast
    •   AudioConference If the call is national or international.

FIB reserves the right to change the reservation priorities for a meeting of the School Board or the Standing Committee, or any other institutional event.


Resources and Services Area

(34) 93 401 69 64