Bachelor Degree in Informatics Engineering

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The Bachelor Degree in Informatics Engineering is taught at the FIB since September 2010. It provides graduates with all required knowledge, skills and competences to work in the field of Informatics Engineering.
The syllabus of the Bachelor Degree in Informatics Engineering is compliant with the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and it comprises a 240 ECTS workload.
The FIB is one of the few Spanish center where students can be trained in any of the five internationally recognized areas of Informatics Engineering.


Students should have a good grounding in science, logical reasoning skills, ability to handle abstract models and good observation, attention and concentration skills.


Subjects are delivered in Catalan, Spanish or English. Students can check related information on the website.


The Degree lasts 4 academic years.


Full time: 20h lectures and 20h-25h personal workload per week.

Part time: 10h lectures and 10h-12.5h personal workload per week.

Double degrees


Euro-inf Bachelor
GEI's Accreditation AQU - Excellent