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Millorar el nivell de realisme d'aguns dels procediments interactius d'una aplicació en un entorn de RV immersiu (casc RV) dins la qual el participant ha de poder realitzar un dels processos establerts en el protocol de donació i trasplantament d'òrgans. La idea general és incorporar tècniques avançades de Gràfics per Computador per simular de manera realista alguns d'aquests processos tenint en compte que es requereix execució en temps real.


The goal of the project is to create an application that facilitates the segmentation of medical models using immersive techniques.

Computer Engineering Computing Information Technologies

Quantum computers promise exponential improvements over conventional ones due to the extraordinary properties of qubits. However, quantum computing faces many challenges relative to the scaling of the algorithms and of the computers that run them. This thesis delves into these challenges and proposes solutions to create scalable quantum computing systems.


Es vol desenvolupar una aplicació que permeti visualitzar en Realitat Augmentada un model anatòmic (llegint un QR o indicant posició en espai). Es podrà inspeccionar el model anatòmic canviant el punt de vista extern. El model tindrà un conjunt de punts d'interès (coneguts i indicats sobre el model) que l'usuari podrà seleccionar i que transportaran a l'usuari a una vista interior del put d'interès. Aquesta vista interior es convertirà en una visualització 360 per a què l'usuari pugui mirar al seu voltant.

Information Technologies

In this project, a survey and analysis of different available methods for post-quantum cryptography will be carried out. Then, a selected set of methods suited for securing next generation communication networks will be implemented and their performance evaluated against classical cryptography methods.

Computer Engineering Computing Information Systems Information Technologies

Computing systems are ubiquitous in our daily life, to the point that progress is intimately tied to the improvements brought by new generations of the processors that lie at the heart of these systems. A common trait of current computing systems is that their internal data communication has become a fundamental bottleneck and traditional interconnects are just not good enough. This thesis aims to study how we can speed up architectures with CPUs, GPUs, and ML accelerators thanks to unconventional (e.g. wireless) interconnects.

Computer Engineering Computing Software Engineering

This thesis aims to explore the possibilities of the new and less studied variant of neural networks called Graph Neural Networks (GNNs). While convolutional networks are good for computer vision or recurrent networks are good for temporal analysis, GNNs are able to learn and model graph-structured relational data, with huge implications in fields such as quantum chemistry, computer networks, or social networks among others.

Computer Engineering Information Systems Information Technologies

Recent advancements in nanotechnology have enabled the concept of the "Human Intranet", where devices inside and on our body can sense and communicate, opening the door to multiple exciting applications in the healthcare domain. This thesis aims to delve into the computing, communication, and localization aspects of the "Human Intranet" and how to practically realize them in the next decade.

Software Engineering

This TFG aims to significantly improve the capabilities of PETGEM, an open-source 3D electromagnetic modeler primarily written in Python, by integrating new features, and supporting object-oriented programming principles. This project is undertaken in collaboration with the Wave Phenomena Group of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and the Programming Models Group of the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, adding a significant real-world context to the research.


Es vol desenvolupar una aplicació de Realitat augmentada que visualitzi un circuit i permeti conduir un cotxe per aquest circuit. Aquesta aplicació haurà de permetre més d'un jugador, per tant caldrà que un dels jugadors (el primer) es converteixi en servidor i permeti que altres puguin connectar-se a la mateixa carrera (amb cotxes de diferents colors, per exemple). Caldrà també implementar la comunicació necessària entre els diferents participants i el servidor. Cada usuari haurà de disposar de controls per fer moure el seu cotxe.


This is an offer for a TFG. We are working to accelerate homomorphically-encrypted deep learning inference via different efforts, in this case GPU accelerators. Previous cryptography experience is not required, since there will be an expert in the team advising on those matters. The successful candidate will be integrated into an international team working toward this purpose on different topics.

Computing Information Technologies

UPC and Nestlé are offering a new position to develop the TFG in the field of Machine Learning and Cybersecurity. This TFG will be fully funded (internship) and carried out in collaboration with the Global Security Operations Center of Nestlé and UPC.

Computing Information Technologies

S'ofereix una beca d'iniciació a la recerca de 20 hores/setmana amb un salari aprox. de 600 Euros/mes per realitzar el TFM en el marc del projecte GRAPHSEC.


The main objective of this work is to investigate and implement efficient strategies for the parallel construction of sparse matrices derived from FE analysis within the PETGEM workflow. This development aims to provide fundamental insights into the interoperability and portability of PETGEM by enabling the framework to utilize exascale HPC architectures.

Computer Engineering Computing

Adaptation of state-of-the-art AI models for native integration into desktop applications. The performance and suitability of different frameworks (Pytorch C++, GGML, TensorRT, ONNX Runtime, etc.) will be evaluated with respect to different platforms (Windows and macOS) and hardware resources (CPU, NVIDIA GPUs, Apple Silicon).

Computing Software Engineering

Development of a desktop application in C++ that enables users to leverage the latest advances in Computer Vision and Generative AI to facilitate the creation and editing of 2D animations.

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