Bachelor Degree in Bioinformatics

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Imatge grau en bioinformàtica
Bioinformatics has become a strategic field because of the enormous amounts of biological data that health professionals have to deal with; the ability to manage, visualise and analyse these big data offers opportunities for improving their understanding of the occurrence and progression of disease, for identifying new treatment strategies and for improving health and health care. Other professional fields with big challenges related with bioinformatics and our understanding of biology (combined with the technical abilities) are agriculture and the food industry. Bioinformaticists will speed up the rate at which new discoveries can be turned into better health, more effective healthcare and greater economic and social progress in society.

It is the first interuniversity bachelor’s degree in Bioinformatics taught in Spain, and it is offered jointly by the four most prestigious Catalan public universities: UPC, UB, UAB and UPF. 

The degree in Bioinformatics offers comprehensive and solid training at the crossroads of computing, biomedical sciences and physics and chemistry. The student is provided with mathematical skills, biological knowledge, statistics and machine learning abilities with an interdisciplinary focus, with particular emphasis on biomedical applications. Elective subjects provide complementary knowledge in areas such as medical and pharmaceutical research, molecular biology, data science and genomics.

The aim of this degree is to provide students with a global view of the life sciences, with challenges that rarely fall within a single discipline and the necessary tools to work with them. This degree is the result of the efforts of the four participating universities to promote transversal and interdisciplinary studies between biomedicine, technology and computing.

Coordinator: Marta Casanellas Rius - (vice-dean director of BBI studies)

Cut-off mark

7,056 (2023-2024 academic year)




The bachelor’s degree in Bioinformatics lasts for 4 years.


240 ECTS credits.


100% of subjects are taught in English.


Students should have a good grounding in science, logical reasoning skills, an ability to handle abstract models and good observation, attention and concentration skills. They should also be creative, imaginative and innovative and have an interest in the life sciences and medicine.

Offered by (UPC coordinating university)

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarchelonaTech
Universitat de Barcelona
Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Barcelona