Rector Gabriel Ferraté Library

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Biblioteca Rector Gabriel Gerraté - UPC Campus Nord

Rector Gabriel Ferraté Library is common to the three schools in the North Campus of the UPC where you can find almost all the books in the bibliography of the FIB courses, places to study and work in group the following timetables.

The Rector Gabriel Ferraté Library (BRGF) is one of the more important scientific and technical libraries in the south of Europe. The following ones are some of the most requested services at the BRGF:

  • Group work rooms
    The BRGF offers to its users 21 group work rooms for collective study activities. The rooms are equipped with boards and screens to connect laptops and other computers.
  • Library lending services
    At the BRGF any type of document can be requested, not only belonging to the scientific and technological fields but also to humanistic topics. Moreover, the library supplies any document from the other libraries of the UPC, and from the rest of the academic libraries from Catalonia or from any other part of the world.
  • Laptop and other equipment lending
    At the BRGF the users not only can borrow books or audio-visual materials, the library also lends massive used technological devices, especially laptop computers.
  • u-win
    u-win is both a physical and a virtual space of the BRGF focused on the gaming world and especially on the video game production at the UPC.

A wider choice of services of the BRGF can be found on the website of the library.