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If you have a PCR positive (SARS-*CoV-2), present compatible symptoms with the COVID‐19 or are a direct contact of a positive PCR case, in addition to the procedures with the Health Service, you have to contact with to activate the academic support in the period that you can not realise face-to-face activities.


If you need to do any degree, master, internship, institutional procedure.... If you have to come to the FIB Administration for face-to-face assistance, make an appointment!

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For a period of 3 months, between June and September 2021, ICFO will host its summer research fellowship program.

The 18th February, 2021, the relief process of the head of IDEAI was completed with the designation of Mrs. Karina Gibert as the new director of IDEAI.

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We will start the spring semester on 15th February, and everything seems to indicate that the competent authorities will maintain the current restrictions as far as the teaching activity of Catalan Universities is concerned.

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The new degree is promoted by the UPC with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya and within the framework of the Catalonia.AI strategy.



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