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Q1:September-January Q2:February-June

Acronym Complete name Open 22-23
ADSDB Algorithms, Data Structures and Databases Q1
DW Data Warehousing Q1
MVA Multivariate Analysis Q1
PODS Process-Oriented Data Science Q1
SIM Statistical Inference and Modelling Q1
BDM Big Data Management Q2
ML Machine Learning Q2
MUD Mining Unstructured Data Q2
SDM Semantic Data Management Q2


Acronym Complete name Open 22-23
ADM Algorithmics for Data Mining Q2
AMA Advanced Multivariate Analysis Q1
AML Advanced Machine Learning Q1
ASM Advanced Statistical Modelling Q1
BSG Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics Q1
CCBDA Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics Q2
CSN Complex and Social Networks Q1
DAKD Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery Q1
DEDS Debates On Ethics of Data Science Q2
DMT Data Management for Transportation Q2
HLE Human Language Engineering Q1
I2P Interdisciplinary Innovation Project Q2
IRRS Information Retrieval and Recommender Systems Q1
OTDM Optimization Techniques for Data Mining Q1
TMIRI Techniques and Methodology of Innovation and Research in Informatics Q1, Q2
VBP Viability of Business Projects Q2

Q1:September-January Q2:February-June