Internal Quality Assurance System

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The Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) defines the aims of the running of a centre and its studies as well as the processes required to achieve those goals. The FIB IQAS has a double use:

  • Internally, following up the studies ensuring that the level of quality that has been the hallmark of FIB so far is kept.
  • Externally, facilitating the previous verification and the later accreditation of the degrees.

This quality assurance system has been defined in the framework of the AUDIT programme, following the guidelines established by the quality agencies ANECA, AQU and AGSUG, and it respects the principles of legality and publicity, transparency and participation.

The design and implementation of the IQAS allows the centre to set the following goals:

  • Establishing quality criteria, monitoring the processes defined to achieve them and establishing strategies for continuous improvement.
  • Responding to the commitment to meet the needs and the expectations of the different stakeholders.
  • Facilitating the monitoring of the degrees implemented with the aim of their later accreditation.

FIB Internal Quality Assurance System (in Catalan, approved in 5th of May, 2021)

The entire structure and the governing bodies of the FIB make up the IQAS in a planning-execution-evaluation-performance cycle.