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Knowing the needs of companies
helps to prepare more efficiently the professionals
in the skills that society needs

The Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona (FIB) creates development in order to help society with innovative initiatives and we have contributed significantly to develop Information Technologies of our country.

The collaboration between industrial and FIB, allows to approach interests and to share projects, with an added value of:

  • Ensuring that FIB students have a direct bond with companies in the sector of information technologies that trust in us.
  • Training students for getting the skills that organizations need.
  • Building together research projects and innovation in our expertise areas.
  • Enabling access to nacional and European networks.
  • Building a social image of prestige through an alliance between University and company.

Integration into the work world

Training activities

  • Industrial Serminars: Short seminars are held by professionals of first-level companies in the areas of Informatics, Telecommunications companies and services.


  • The FIB participates in associations which promote projects and relationships between companies, such as the Cluster for Innovation.
  • Anual participation to  Festibity, It is a major IT event organized by  FIB Alumni.

Sponsorships and other patronage agreements