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What do I have to do when I arrive at my destination university?

Remember: Always use the e-mail to communicate any problem which may happen durig your stay.

1. Get your arrival certificate signed

When you arrive at your destination, get in touch as fast as possible with the International Relations office there to obtain your arrival certificate. You will find the document in your e-secretaria>mobility>mobility stay.

WE WILL NOT ACCEPT the destination university's attendance certificate.

You should send the signed certificate via email within 15 days of your arrival.

If you have gotten grants from other institutions, it is probable that you may also have to send the a copy of the certificate of arrival.

2. Enrol at the host university

Some universities have an enrolment process similar to FIB and you will enrol as soon as you arrive. Others, however, will have enrolment right before the final exams. Remember that you do not have to pay for the subjects, since you already paid for them at FIB.

3. Modify the Learning Agreement, if necessary

Due to diverse circumstances, the initial agreement might suffer changes (subjects not taught, overlaps, teaching language different from announced...). You should inform us hastily of the situation and propose a list of candidate subjects to replace the ones you cannot take. You should wait for our answer to make the changes effective. If it is not done in this way, the courses you take without previous authorisation will not be recognised.

After the authorization, fill in the following changes document, sign it and get it signed and stamped by the host university. Once it is signed by the three parts you will have to upload it to your e-secretaria, together with the initial Learning agreement (just one pdf)

If you have not yet, independently from the changes, remember we need the Learning Agreement you agreed on before the mobility duly signed and stamped by the destination university. Do not forget to hand it in.


FIB International Relations

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Vice-dean for International Relations

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