Acronym Complete name Open 17-18
ALG Algebra Q1
AP1 Algorithmic and Programming I Q1
CAL Calculus Q1
LMD Logic and Discrete Mathematics Q1
AC2 Advanced Algebra and Calculus Q2
AP2 Algorithmic and Programming II Q2
COM Computers Q2
PIE1 Probability and Statistics I Q2
AP3 Algorithmic and Programming III
BD Databases
PIE2 Probability and Statistics II
SIS Signals and Systems
TEOI Information Theory
AA1 Machine Learning I
AD Analysis of Data
IPA Introduction to Audiovisual Processing
OM Mathematical Optimization
PSD Parallelism and Discrete Systems
AA2 Machine Learning II
BDA Advanced Databases
CAI Search and Analysis of Information
EI Entrepreneurship and Innovation
VI Display Information
PIVA Image Processing and Artificial Vision
POE Oral and Written Language Processing
TAED1 Advanced Topics in Data Engineering I
TAED2 Advanced Topics in Data Engineering II