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This Lab is located at the basement of the building C6. It has been created thanks to a crowdfunding project  within the framework of SumaUPC and  a total of 52 cofinancers between businesses and individuals.

The crowfunding campaign conducted by Goteo platform was performed from October 2013 to January 2014.

The Mobile Appss Lab is sponsored by JEDI - Junior Company , and with counts with 8 iMac workstations with an extended warranty to three years. One of these eight workstations , has been sponsored by the company JES Computer Services.

Workstations are available for the students so they can learn to  develop apps  for iOS ( iPads , iPhones , ... )  also, completing the possibility to develop applications for all mobile platforms currently available .

FIB graduates unemployed will have hours of equipment for self-training in the development of Apps. Lab can be used during non-school periods for conducting courses for unemployed people , NGOs and non-profit social organizations upon request and approval.

We want this lab to help train skilled professionals in all mobile platforms , open  doors to our students for joining the labor market, helping to meet the demand for professionals in the mobile apps sector and become one of the innovation engines in our country.

This laboratory was opened on 2th of April 2014 in the presence Rector of the UPC-Barcelona Tech  (Dr. Enric Fosas ), Dean of the Barcelona School of Informatics (Ms. Nuria Castell) , Director the inLab (Mr. Josep Casanovas ) , chairman of the JEDI (Mr. Javier Bustamante ) and Mr. Erik Brieva (Product Marketing Manager at Red Hat ).

In the 2019-2020 academic year (September 2019) the laboratory is no longer used as a workspace with iMac and is redesigned to cover new needs.


Thanks to

Sponsoring the classroom

Jedi - Junior Empresa

Sponsoring one computer

Individual contributions

Alvaro Bolaños Gonzalez
Pere Botella
Vanessa Büsing
Toni Cañabate
Anna Casas
Núria Castell
José Francisco Crespo
Sandra Crespo
Marta Cuatrecasas
Evaristo de Frutos
José Manuel Diéguez

Cristina Domínguez
Victor Huerta
IsiSoft Apps
Montse Jándula
Néstor Malet
Sandra Marsà
Rosa María Martín Santiago
Oriol Mazariegos
Daniel Mulero
Carme Murillo
Juan Antonio Navarro

Albert Obiols Vives
Daniel Pinyol Laserna
Planet Factory/La Factoria d’Imatges
Genís Pujol Coll
Albert Renom Vilaró
Ton Rodriguez
Ferran Sabaté
David Saldaña Cercós
Arnau Sangrà
Ramon Sangrà
Oriol Torné Gozalbo

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