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UPC is one of the eight awarding universities of the Pan-European High Performance Computing Pilot Master’s programme, “EUMaster4HPC”. This programme brings together major players in HPC education in Europe and emphasises collaboration across Europe with innovative teaching paradigms such as co-teaching and strong connections with the industry and the best specialists in HPC education to develop the most relevant and up-to-date teaching content. A particular focus on mobility of students and teachers will enable students to rapidly gain experience through internships and exposure to European supercomputing centres.
The study programme will provide a balanced curriculum between the computer science aspects and other aspects of HPC, available on the different partners. The students will have the opportunity to do an internship in an academic laboratory or an industrial group.

EUMaster4HPC brings together major players in HPC education in Europe and mobilises them to unify existing programs into a common European curriculum. It leverages experience from various European countries and HPC communities to generate European added value beyond the potential of any single university.


2 academic years 


120 ECTS credits




Scholarship from the EUMaster4HPC program to support expenses inherent to the programme (travel and accommodation). 


Interest in solving engineering and scientific problems using computers and High Performance Computing.

Entry Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree from STEM or equivalent qualification in computer science, a relevant scientific or technical field, or mathematics.
  • Knowledge of programming or more than 2 university courses in computer science from data structures, algorithms, programming or theoretical or technical computer science.
  • Comprehensive training in technical mathematics: algebra, linear algebra and probability and statistics,  functional analysis, numerics, optimisation, simulation / scientific computing
  • Proficiency in  English of at least CEFR B2
  • Obligation to relocate for the second year of the master to another awarding university


Participating universities