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The Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona has established several agreements with universities and institutions from all around the globe. They allow students to study at a foreign university, do their degree's final thesis or carry out a double degree.

Study abroad

There are several mobility programs such as Erasmus+, SICUE, Latin America, Vulcanus... Check everything you need to know to study in another university

Internship abroad

If you want an international professional experience, check the websites and resources we can provide to find work abroad.

Double degrees

Once all the requirements of the agreement are reached, you will obtain the corresponding titles at FIB and at a university abroad. Check which double degrees we have at FIB.

Other activities abroad

Summer schools, short stays...

Mobility calendar

Open international mobility calls for FIB students

Information sessions

Informative talks about the options, requirements and procedures in mobility

Mobility grants

Some mobility programmes can be financed with a grant. You can also find mobility grant calls without an associate programme.

Mobility experiences

Check the experiences of previous mobility students.

Upcoming International Mobility Calls for FIB's students

International Partnerships

We have agreements with the best universities in the field

Double Degrees
Satisfied students

Keep up with the news of mobility

If you are interested in taking a student exchange programme for a semester or the whole academic year, in doing your Bachelor or Master Thesis in a foreign company, or in receiving the scholarship call for studying in China, Japan, the USA, etc… you can subscribe de mobility news channel of FIB.

Mobility news channel


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