Service Engineering

ATTENTION: The specialization Service Engineering of the Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics will not accept a new intake of students this academic year. However, note that some of its subjects (BDM, DW and VBP) are still open and offered as subjects of other specializations or general electives.


The master's degree in Innovation and Research in Informatics, specialization in Service Engineering, is a challenging master’s degree that prepares students to become service engineers who are capable of leading service innovation inside organizations. They are trained to work in interdisciplinary contexts and they focus on services as systems of interacting parts that include people, technology and businesses. They integrate into a coherent whole the knowledge and techniques of fields such as computer science, economics, organizational behavior, human resources management, operations research and others.


MIRI-Service Engineering is a Master’s program for students who have a bachelor’s degree in Informatics/Computer Science or Information Systems. After the successful completion of the course, you will be awarded the internationally recognized master’s degree MIRI with the specialization in Service Engineering.


Specialization coordinator

Persona Departament Correu electrònic
Sancho Samso, Maria Ribera ESSI

Specialization teachers

Persona Departament Correu electrònic
Abello Gamazo, Alberto ESSI
Ayala Martinez, Claudia Patricia ESSI
Eguiguren Huerta, Marcos OE
Farre Tost, Carles ESSI
Franch Gutiérrez, Xavier ESSI
Jovanovic, Petar ESSI
Morales Garcia, Sergio ESSI
Nadal Francesch, Sergi ESSI
Romero Moral, Oscar ESSI
Sabate Garriga, Ferran OE
Sancho Samso, Maria Ribera ESSI

Technical Competences of each Specialization


  • CEE5.1
    Capability to participate in improvement projects or to create service systems, providing in particular: a) innovation and research proposals based on new uses and developments of information technologies, b) application of the most appropriate software engineering and databases principles when developing information systems, c) definition, installation and management of infrastructure / platform necessary for the efficient running of service systems.
  • CEE5.2
    Capability to apply obtained knowledge in any kind of service systems, being familiar with some of them, and thorough knowledge of eCommerce systems and their extensions (eBusiness, eOrganization, eGovernment, etc.).
  • CEE5.3
    Capability to work in interdisciplinary engineering services teams and, provided the necessary domain experience, capability to work autonomously in specific service systems.


Specialization compulsory subjects

Specialization complementary subjects


Master's Thesis
Mandatory Common course


Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Seminar activities

The activities to obtain the SIRI credits can be done in any semester of the master's degree. Consult the detail of the seminars.

Specialization Elective

Big Data Management
(BDM - 6 ECTS)

Data Warehousing
(DW - 6 ECTS)


Data Visualization
(DV - 6 ECTS)

Machine Learning Systems in Production
(MLOps - 6 ECTS)