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Audiovisual services

WebConferencia or web conferencing allow virtual meetings from your own PC with participants that are in different physical locations, without the need for specific hardware.

FIB have the Adobe Connect platform from Terrassa, which allows us to create virtual rooms where participants will be connected. There are other platforms that allow it,  and finally the option to use multiplatform software such as Skype.

This service allows you to share documents, videos or applications installed on the computers of participants.

How to use

You will need a web browser, a webcam, a microphone and headphones.

To use this service from any of the presentations rooms at FIB you have to book it and provide all necessary information in order to receive support if needed.

In case you have your own room, that does not need a reservation,  please contact FIB at https://peticions.utgcntic.upc.edu/tiquetspeticions/control/main?idEmpresa=103958 before in order to receive support if needed.

IT Support

Let us know incidences, doubts, recommendations or topics you think you hace a lack of information or more IT resources that could be made to facilitate to follow teaching at FIB.

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