Rules for use of the FIB's computer equipment

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FIB computers support both the teaching and the administrative tasks of the School. The only people who are authorised to have accounts on the systems are students, lecturers and administrative staff assigned to the UPC's Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB), who agree to abide by the following rules for use:

  1. While using the computer equipment, users must not physically damage the equipment or infrastructure, disconnect or move equipment, or change any configuration without permission from the FIB.
  2. The systems may not be used for private, business or professional use (with the exception of people working for the FIB and using the systems for their professional activity).
  3. The user is responsible for ensuring that the information stored in their work area is in accordance with current legislation on Legal Protection of Computer Programs.
  4. The user agrees not to access resources (computers, accounts, software, files, queues, terminals, directories, etc.) without authorisation. If in doubt, you must discuss this with the FIB.
  5. No system may be used in such a way as to interfere with its normal functioning or with that of the computers to which it is connected. The user must not spread viruses, worms or other programs that are harmful to information processing systems. Users must not intentionally cause congestion on the systems or the communications links. The systems must not be used to run games, except those that are developed in the context of a subject, master or TFG.
  6. The user agrees not to send offensive and/or defamatory information using any of the communications mechanisms available.

The account owner is the only person responsible for all the activity carried out with his or her account. This includes the security of his or her password. It is important that the user takes proper care of all the accounts that he or she has been assigned on the systems.

Breaking these rules may lead to temporary or permanent restrictions on the use of the systems, or even disciplinary action.

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