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Working environment and teaching support

New provisional remote access service (autumn 2020)

Important warning: Due to the remote access needs that the old system couldn't guarantee we have enabled a new system for the new unit. This service still has no backup, so we ask you to use it to transfer data remotely, but you still have to use the old directories for the laboratories.

FIB users can access the content of their directory /Noudades (Linux), and of unit N: (Windows) from outside the University through the remote access to files the FIB offers.

How to use

To access your personal account use the following link:

When you get in, you will see a screen like the following and so that you can access/upload remote files, accessible from the laboratories, you have to go to the FIB folder.

This service can be accessed from mobile devices with android and iphone app.

NOTE: The disk quote that appears down-left is not the remote disks quote. It's a local one to use the software. PLease, do not upload files outside the FIB folder, you can have problems with the app.



This new service is offered using the Freenas technology and Nextcloud software.


Old service active during this semester (autumn 2020)

Access to the file repository enables users to access the contents of their user account at /dades (Linux), and from the drive F:  (Windows)  from outside the University.

Files of / assig (Linux) or drive G: (Windows)  of those subjects that teachers have requested will be also available

To access to your personal account  (that would be the /dades or drive F: /) directory and subjects, you can do through the following link:

You will find that there are several links that you can access via web (only allows upload/download files one by one) or via a secured DAV protocol (allows you to move more than one file at once). Last oneshould be set as follows:


Access to the repository using webDAV from Linux

Students and lecturers can map their personal space in the PC environment using the Konqueror or Nautilus browsers from a Linux environment. Please follow the detailed instructions below.

LECTURERS PLEASE NOTE: In order to connect with your personal space in the PC environment you must provide your usual username and password, the ones you use to log on to a computer in the labs.


From Konqueror, the URLs to use are:

From Nautilus the URLs to use are the same as the ones for Konqueror but with davs instead of webdavs, for example:

In all cases the system will request your username and password.


Access to the repository using webDAV from Windows
Go to the URL:

Another option is the program Netdrive:   and download and Install the needed software.

Go to “Sites Administrator” and add a new connection “WebDAV”.
Using the UPC username and password.





Can I access my files from a Mac?

  • Yes, the finder also enables access to remote file systems via Davenport. You also have the option of using Goliath.

How does Windows know if I require access via web or via webDAV if the URL is the same?

  • By default, Windows will open the URL as if it were a website. If you open it from the corresponding menu in the Explorer, marking the box "open as a web folder", then it will try to use webDAV and you will see your content as in any other folder on your system.

I am a member of the teaching staff. Do I need to use my Racó user account to access my files?

  • No. To access the files that you see from the PCs in the labs you will have to use the same account that you use to login to the PCs.