Accounts on the PCs and servers

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Working environment and teaching support

All FIB students have an account for accessing the PCs in the labs. Depending on the registered courses, you have different accounts to access Unix servers,  OS laboratories and different Databases servers:

Lecturers may request to FIB for personal/subject accounts for accessing the PCs, through

PC accounts

For the PCs there are different environments with which we can work with:

  • Windows
  • Linux

After the start-up of one of the systems, it will ask for a username and a password. Students should use the same account they use to access the Racó, and lecturers should use the account that was provided by the FIB in response to their request.

To get to know the work environment, available quotas and everything you need to work on the PC Labs, please see page  Working environment at the PCs


Accounts on Unix servers

We have UNIX servers for teaching, you can access to them on the different subjects you are enrolled in.

In these cases, lecturers of the subject will facilitate data access and explain how to connect.

You can find more information on the FIB servers page for teaching.

Database servers accounts

We provide accounts to work with different database servers,  for use in FIB courses or  for the Final Project / Master Thesis

Available databases are:

  • MySQL, listening on port 3306 / TCP
  • Oracle listening on port 1521 / TCP
  • Postgres, listening on port 6433 / TCP

Database will be created upon request of the lecturer or director of the Final Project / Master Thesis


PC accounts for the Operating Systems Labs

We have three laboratories aimed at conducting Operating Systems courses . Accounts access to these laboratories will be provided by lecturers the first day of class. You can find more information about these labs at Working environment, a going to the special section about Operating Systems Labs.

Lecturers who need new access, some specific software, etc .. to teach a subject, you can ask FIB by creating a ticket to


Expiration of accounts

The account will be active only for PC while the student is enrolled in any course or Final Project / Master Theses, otherwise the account will be removed.

Specific accounts created for different subjects remain active while the course is active.

IT Support

Let us know incidences, doubts, recommendations or topics you think you hace a lack of information or more IT resources that could be made to facilitate to follow teaching at FIB.

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