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At FIB we have the following servers that are dedicated to teaching:

  • Database Servers: We have several servers to support databases related courses, installed databases are: Oracle, MySQL, Postgres and Hadoop (NoSQL). Lab classes support for subjects of the ESSI department.
  • Image management servers: four servers with linux OS, responsible for the storage and management of  the disk images that we have at FIB computer labs.
  • Email servers: three servers manage and support students e-mail and teaching distribution lists and it's administration.
  • Web Application Servers: we have a different set of servers that provide web applications related to teaching such as: an intranet, collaborative websites (wikis, BSCW,) web learning databases (learnsql), criptografia learning web,  etc..
  • FIB  Cloud Servers for teaching: We have a set of servers that provide storage and virtual server management for teaching courses of the departments of AC and ESSI.

All these servers are part of the FIB network storage and are shown in the following scheme:




IT Support

Let us know incidences, doubts, recommendations or topics you think you hace a lack of information or more IT resources that could be made to facilitate to follow teaching at FIB.

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