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Working environment and teaching support

UPClink is the name of the VPN service UPC offers to all staff members, faculty and research staff  and students. Thanks to this service, you can access to the FIB servers from outside the school, as well as access to any other server or service that UPC provides through this VPN.

You will find the description of the service at: https://serveistic.upc.edu/ca/upclink/el-servei/descripcio-del-servei

How to use

At https://serveistic.upc.edu/ca/upclink/documentacio you will find how to install and connect the F5 software from the different platforms (via Web, Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android).


UPCnet has edited a list of frequently asked questions that you can consult at: https://serveistic.upc.edu/ca/upclink/faq

Can I connect to linux environment of the laboratories from home?

The linux environment of the laboratory is not available on any server. But if you want to work with an identical linux image, you just have to download the virtual image (for VMWare Player) available at:
virtual image download page

When I connect to the new VPN, I get a connection error even though I have entered the correct username and password.

Repeat the connection operation. You can see the errors in the Info section.  

I try to connect to the VPN and it gives me an error.

You might be using the old client (before September 2019) Pulse Secure, which has already been deactivated. Now you need to install the VPN F5. Check the How to Use section.

IT Support

Let us know incidences, doubts, recommendations or topics you think you hace a lack of information or more IT resources that could be made to facilitate to follow teaching at FIB.

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