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Working environment and teaching support

This new service consists of a Canon multifunction printer, it can print in color and make photocopies. CANON printer can be used with the UPC card or with your username and password.

Currently,  printing through this printer has to be payed, in order to print or photocopy, you must have some credit available .

FIB gives an initial printing bonus of 24 pages (B/W A4 duplex) to their students. To obtain this printing bonus you have to go to the Technical Support staff at "Servei d'Operació" located at A5s1 or C6s3. Each student will have one printing bonus this semester and will be valid until the end of it. Once exhausted the credit you can reload credit at the Campus Nord Reprographics Center.

How to use

How do I submit jobs to the new printer?

  • You can also connect to to send files to the printer. Log in with your Raco username and password and follow the instructions to upload your files.
  • To submit a work you must connect from the FIB PC, in Windows Operating System: Printer is named REPRO-CANON, and you have to configure the sending from your PC.
  • You can send PDF files attached as an e-mail from the institutional FIB address to

Once submitted your print jobs, go to any printer  of Campus, and follow the instructions for printing.


How I load credit to my virtual wallet?

You have all the necessary information on the web:


How do I know my available credit ?

At the automatically recharge machine located at the Campus Nord Reprographics Center, Building C3 floor S2 (middle square) will tell you the credit left. 

May I make photocopies or scann?
Yes you can, you have all the necessary information on the wall above the printer or on the web: .


If I have problems,  where do I have to go?
You can send and email to or go to the Campus Nord Reprographics Center, Building C3 plant S2 (middle square) or call tel. 17966.


IT Support

Let us know incidences, doubts, recommendations or topics you think you hace a lack of information or more IT resources that could be made to facilitate to follow teaching at FIB.

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