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Working environment and teaching support

GSuite Education is a package of tools that has been incorporated into the UPC in the 19-20 academic year. All UPC students have a Google account from the time they enroll. Therefore, if you are registered at UPC, you have a G Suite account associated with your UPC user : user@estudiantat.upc.edu and you can access it by entering your UPC credentials.

It gives you access to the following services:

  • Gmail. How to access your post
  • Google Drive : Storage, sharing and simultaneous edition of documents. How does Drive works at the UPC
  • Meet : Audio and video communication, non-presencial meetings between various people, sharing documents.
  • Google chat : Instant communication with thematic rooms and task-programming bots.
  • Calendar : Management of personal and shared events and tasks.
  • Contacts : Student contacts do not appear in the google directory as they cannot be made public, in order to RGDD legislation. Therefore, when we want to contact a user, we must enter the name of the complete account user@estudiantat.upc.edu, as google will not autocomplete it.

How to use

When we want to connect to any GSuite application, Google pass the request to the UPC user server in order to validate the UPC identity and then returns to Google whether it is correct or not.

Follow this steps to validate:

  1. Access a Google application using a browser, preferably Chrome.
  2. Enter the student account user@estudiantat.upc.edu
  3. You will be redirect to UPC login page. Enter your UPC credentials.

Once we have validated with our Google Account, we will be validated with this account in any other tab of the same browser. We can open different GSuite applications in different tabs by entering their URL, or we can open them from the square with 9 dots that we find at the top right of any of the applications.

People who have a double link to the UPC will have two Google accounts, one for a student and another for a scholarship, PAS or PDI. Depending on what they are doing, they will need to be validated with one account or another.



How much storage comes with Drive?

Storage space is unlimited, but there are some limitations:

  • You can have up to 400.000 files and folders
  • You can upload up to 750GB per day between our Drive and everyone we share

How to add format to the Google chat messages?

  • To show the text in bold write it between (*).
  • To show the text in cursive write it between (_).
  • To cross out the text write it between (~).
  • To insert a code block, write it between(`).
  • To insert a multi-line code block, write it between(```).

You can find more information in the GSuite ICT Service.

IT Support

Let us know incidences, doubts, recommendations or topics you think you hace a lack of information or more IT resources that could be made to facilitate to follow teaching at FIB.

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