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Information Systems

The Racó is the FIB intranet, which can be accessed by UPC intranet credentials.

The functionality available in the Racó depends on the user profile (students, administrative staff, teaching and research staff, and so on).Here you will find information and tools that provide teaching support, communication tools, personalised academic information, user tools and personalised links.

How to use

If you have access problems (you can not enter or have forgotten your password), you can connect to the digital identity service and follow the instructions to change your password or recover your credentials


From the Racó, students can access functions related to the subjects they are enrolled in, such as:

  • View notices, notes and examination announcements.
  • Participate in the open forums created by subject lecturers
  • Send in web-based practical assignments set by subject lecturers
  • View/complete ECTS questionnaires for subjects (if they are in the group)
  • Presentation/Vote/View the representative for the subject
  • View the timetables for the different groups for the subject
  • View the page with the Teaching Guide Enter reports, abstracts and keywords on their master's thesis

The other functions that students may access are:

  • Calendar Access
  • Access to public forums
  • Search for students.
  • View student associations’ notices
  • List of representatives for the subjects I am enrolled in
  • View the timetable for the subjects I am enrolled in
  • Reservation of FIB and ESAII equipment.
  • View registration number and what I can enrol in (enrolment periods)
  • Personalisation (personal data, personal web page, links of interest)
  • Subscription to services.
  • View academic record
  • Administrative procedures with the secretary's office (changes of group, registration, application for recognition of free elective credits).
  • Change password
  • Inscriptions to the intensive courses

From the Racó, teaching and research staff may use functionality related to their subjects, such as:

  • Class lists in different formats.
  • Management of notices, notes and examination announcements.
  • Open forums for the subject
  • Configure the delivery of practical assignments using the web.
  • View timetables.
  • Access the subject disk space.
  • Results of ECTS questionnaires.

In addition, for head lecturers:

  • Maintain the Teaching Guide in three languages.
  • Send final grades.
  • Maintain information for the lecturers assigned to the subject.
  • View the provisional timetables.
  • Introduce information about AAD

Other functionality provided for teaching and research staff:

  • Search for students.
  • Referring to the TFG/TFM
    • Propose offers
    • TFM/TFG information
    • Petition of resources for TFG/TFM students
    • see previous reports
    • see the memories
  • Participate in public forums
  • Rules and information of interest.



I am a lecturer who has to give classes in the FIB and I don't have access to the Racó. What should I do?

In order to access the Racó you must be assigned to the FIB as a lecturer. Check that your department has passed the information to the School and if you still do not appear in the Racó, please contact FIB at https://peticions.utgcntic.upc.edu/tiquetspeticions/control/main?idEmpresa=103958 >> FIB UTIC: Informatic consultations

IT Support

Let us know incidences, doubts, recommendations or topics you think you hace a lack of information or more IT resources that could be made to facilitate to follow teaching at FIB.

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