TU Darmstadt INSPIRED 2021 (summer program online)

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The Technical University of Darmstadt announces the 2021 edition of INSPIRED, the International Project Week for Interdisciplinary Research-Oriented Digital Learning.

This is an initiative of TU Darmstadt in the framework of the European University "UNITE!", in which UPC also participates.

The INSPIRED program is back this year in a completely online format due to COVID-19 reasons. The 2021 program will be conducted in collaboration with the European Space Operations Center (ESOC) to develop the concept of " Extraterrestrial Greenhouse: Diving into an Multidisciplinary Toolbox to Challenge Gravity and Ensure Sustainability in Offshore Travel and Space Exploration".

The event will ve divided in phases:

  • Preparation phase, form 22nd March until 14th June.
  • Project phase, from 14th June until 2nd July.


  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program.
  • Have an interest in engineering and/or natural sciences.
  • To have an interest in interdisciplinary research within an international environment.

The program may validate up to 6 ECTS credits.

ATTENTION: If you are accepted in the course and you would like to get academic recognition on your degree’s academic record for having carried out this activity, it is essential that, at least a couple of months before attending the course, you send an email to , and we will assess whether or not recognition is possible. Be aware that the vast majority of Winter/Summer Schools do not offer academic recognition, and the courses with credit recognition results in a lower amount of ECTS than those proposed in the information leaflets.

Application deadline is 14th February

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