Reboot The Ocean Challenge

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This challenge invites students, young professionals, researchers, scientists, engineers, advocates, entrepreneurs, and other creative minds to apply their skills to build innovative solutions to keep the ocean safe. 

In this uncertain time of global pandemic, we've seen the potential of global solidarity and international cooperation. If the world can unite to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, surely, we also have the wherewithal to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. With that in mind, Unite Ideas would like to invite faculty and students at Universitat Politècnica De Catalunya to participate in the new challenge organized by the United Nations and its partners.
Reboot the Ocean is a challenge that we launched in line with the United Nations Ocean Conference and aims to bring youth together to develop new solutions that address current sustainability challenges and ensure a healthy and productive ocean.
Participation can range from submitting new ideas and research to developing full-fledged solutions. The winning solutions will be showcased on the Unite Ideas page, presented at SAP Purpose Network Live, and will have the opportunity to take part in the upcoming Ocean Conference with the support from Reboot the Ocean partners.
Deadline: May 20, 2020