Student Cluster Competition 2020

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For the sixth time, a student UPC team are competing in the Student Cluster Competition 2020. Do you want to know the NotOnlyFLOPs team?


NotOnlyFLOPs team is formed by six FIB students that are participating in the Student Cluster Competition inside the ISC20 Conference.

  • Adrián Álvarez Martínez
  • Carlos Bayona Peinado
  • Marc Clascà Ramírez
  • David Jurado Balaer
  • Pedrio Megias Montesinos
  • Xavier Torres Alonso
The Student Cluster Competition, given the actual situation, it will be held remotely (online) using supercomputing platforms of the National Supercomputing Center Singapore.
Competition started last Monday 1st of June and will end next 18th June.
Help them win the Fan Favorite Award voting through this link
Votations are open until the 23rd June.
You can follow and support the team through Twitter @NotOnlyFLOPs